Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"SPY NET" - Stealth Video Glasses

A type of regular sun glasses with hidden spy camera inside it. SPY NET - A rare type of spy glasses which can record upto 20 minutes of video and up to 2000 photos. Stealthy video recording, disguised as sunglasses! 

This product includes rechargeable battery and USB connection for PC and Mac devices.

Features : 

  • Hidden Video 
  • Photo Camera
  • Start and Stop buttons for video recording
  • Mini USB to USB connection
  • Dongle which is Mac and PC compatible
  • LiPo battery 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Human Body Sensing Clothes Hook with spy camera

Want to see who is stealing in your house? Want to check who is an unknown stranger in your house? Want to see how your maid steals while working? If you want to verify that you are not being betrayed or traited, then the most obvious technology gadgets must be used to find out the villain. 

Recently , the wholesale makers , Ankaka, have brought some new in the tech-market. There is a spy gadget that will not show that it is spy but will help you find out what you want to check. That is named as "human body sensing hook". 

This gadget looks like this : 

Where you can use this gadget? The answer is wherever you want in your house or shop or office. This tech device is to check whether anybody is stealing your belongings or not working properly etc. You will never make out that this is a spy gadget which has a human body sensing technique in it. It can be hanged in the bedroom or toilet. It has a hanger like hook where you can hang your clothes or any thing that can be hanged. 

What this hook camera has ? It has a camera and indicator in it. It is also called as HD-F3 human body sensing clothes hook. 

 Look at the above image. It has on and off buttons and an USB slot with a TF card. 

This gadgets has a wireless remote control which can reach upto 25 meters. It operates using high capacity battery which works for 8 hours with a continuous video. You can replace the battery whenever needed. 

You can boot the product on. It supports Windows7, WindowsXP, Vista, etc.

It can take videos, record voice, detects human motion, etc.

Now you can relax your mind and think of something like these tech gadgets which will work for you.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Disguise spy gadgets

You have come across many spy gadgets that are used in technology devices. Like cameras, pens, hats, iphone, cell phones, planes, etc. Also there were some men or women who acted as spies in the yester-years. 

The spying technique has been used to know some secrets in the disguised mode of operation. The technology also shakes hands for this purpose. It gives intelligent technical staff to use latest gadgets that make the impossible thought possible. 

In this post, I have some interesting stuff that will make you disappear. The facts in this post will be so fascinating that will take you in the invisible mode

Why this word , "invisible" always strikes here? Yeah, this post is regarding the invisible gadgets  or let us call them "disguise spy gadgets". These "disguise" gadgets cannot be seen but they are present in the tech device gadgets. 

Some of the invisible spy gadgets are : 

In this lipstick, can you believe that there is hidden camera attached? The camera is inside which is in the invisible mode but it works. 

Good option for "Spy Girls"

 Where is the camera situated?
In the middle of the gadget, you can see right and lest buttons . They are infrared switch and photo / video recorder. This device starts with the click of a button on / off. 
Small wonders make big differences. Tech people, what they think and what they will use in which gadgets is uncertain. Beware from spies.